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Hair Grass

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Botanical Name:
Deschampsia Flexousa

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 4-7

Mature Height:
1-3 ft

Mature Width:
1 ft

Growth Per Year:
1-3 ft

Light Requirement:
full sun

Soil Requirement:
moist to normal

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Hair Grass - Deschampsia Flexousa

Hair grass is a beautiful, easy to grow a plant for freshwater aquariums that will enhance the natural appearance of your fish tank and make you and your fish very happy. Hair grass is a bottom-covering plant, native to North America and found from Florida to Alaska. It is known for its grass-like leaves, propagating from runners branching off the roots that spread very quickly. It is easy to grow and can be planted in a variety of ways, depending on the look you want to achieve. Place plants close together to create a dense carpet of green beauty, like an underwater lawn. Or, place them near features in your aquarium to achieve a sparser look that highlights areas of your tank. The green leaves move with the water and enhance the peaceful and relaxing flow of your underwater creation.
Hair grass can be trimmed to whatever height you desire. It tends to “remember” its haircuts and usually will conform to the height you cut it to. Tall hair grass will grow to around 20 inches and makes a beautiful background plant, while dwarf hair grass tends to grow no more than approximately 2 to 3 inches. Hair grass grows well both fully and partially submerged.
Your fish and invertebrates will enjoy the natural habitat provided by hair grass. It is a natural resting place for them and also a sweet spot for hiding. It is an excellent spawning medium as well.
Hair grass grows best in water temperatures of 70-83 degrees and will thrive in many lighting conditions, with a minimum of only around 2 watts per gallon. The best soil for hair grass contains small granules for easy planting and fastest establishment and growth. Hair grass can be combined with other carpeting plants to create a layered look in your aquarium. Hair grass will provide secure, natural beauty to your tank.


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Hair grass makes a great addition to those water gardens. It will also help to prevent soil erosion.