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Hardstem Bulrush

Hardstem Bulrush

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Botanical Name:
Scirpus Acutus
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-9
Mature Height:
2 ft
Mature Width:
1 ft
Growth Per Year:
2 ft
Light Requirement:
full Sun
Soil Requirement:
Moist to dry
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Hardstem Bulrush - Schoenoplectus Tabernaemontani


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Hardstem Bullrush - Schoenoplectus Actus


The Hardstem Bullrush is a part of the Cyperaceae family and is mainly found in North America due to the temperatures being most accommodating. This species can be typically found alongside shorelines across the nation due to it being a native to wetland areas. The plant tends to bloom in June, July, and August when the soil the perfect balance of damp and cool. Hardsteam Bullrushes have been known to civilians for centuries due to Native Americans initially utilizing them as a way to weave baskets and mats. This species is known to grow rather quickly because of its roots having the ability to grow numerous amounts of stems off of them.


Although the Hardstem Bullrush is commonly observed, many individuals are unaware of what a vital role it plays in our ecosystem. For instance, the plant itself can benefit the surrounding wetlands by treating contaminated waters. There are many bird species such as the Waterfowl that rely on Harstem Bullrush plants to provide them with food and nesting throughout the year. The plant can mature at up to six feet tall, so it provides wildlife with an excess amount of material to work with when they need it.


If you are looking to add plants to a marsh or other body of water near you, Hardstem Bullrushes are perfect if the depth is 1.5 meters deep. Due to them being able to take on contaminated water, they can withstand many pollutants while benefiting the surrounding area. It is a great choice for those looking to add some scenery to their shoreline while taking in the positive aspects such as cleaner and healthier water for any inhabitants. By just planting a few seeds you are sure to see substantial growth due to its natural ability to branch out so quickly.


Hard-stem bulrush is a perennial. This will grow back year after year. The hard-stem bulrush will become big. This plant is common in ponds and lakes. The leaves will grow as big as 1 foot long. This plant requires very moist if not saturated the soil.