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Hop Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Lupalina Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 1ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun


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Hop Sedge 

The hop sedge is from the Cyperaceae family. This is a lovely perennial sedge that reaches a height of 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches. The sedge forms tufts of loose leaves and flowers. The culms have a unique and beautiful appearance with a light green color and angled leaf blades. These leaves grow beneath the culms and reach a length of two feet. They have a floppy and curved appearance. The leaf sheaths are white with light green, veined dorsals. The blooms appear during the late spring and continue until the middle of the summer. The wind cross-pollinates the florets. The hop sedge does not require much in the way of care or maintenance.

The hop sedge grows well in light shade to full sun and prefers moist to wet conditions. This gem is often found in wet prairies, along lakes, ponds, and rivers, in swamps, bottom woodlands, wetlands and vernal pools. The hop sedge is an excellent addition to any garden. The unique appearance adds dramatic flair and helps personalize the area. This sedge has been classified as both showy and one of the larger sedges available. Some of the most popular and beautiful plantings are as an accent along the front or back of the home, an enhancement to provide diversity for gardens, along with garden ponds and near porches and patios for aesthetics.

The hop sedge provides cover and food for wildlife. Many of these insects provide food for frogs, birds and other wildlife. The seeds offer nourishment for numerous birds including ducks, coots, game birds, rails, and songbirds. These birds often visit the hop sedge and provide a beautiful display for anyone lucky enough to be watching them. The white-tailed deer will sometimes enjoy the foliage of this plant as well as turtles. This is an exciting choice to brighten any garden, accent any lawn or appeal to anyone desiring something beautiful, unique and just a little different.

It is essential when it comes to foreign plants, such as the hop sedge. The hop sedge is a type of plant that looks very much like grass but typically grows in areas that are close to ponds and other bodies of water. The plant itself is very streaky and is available in a variety of growth heights and colors. When it comes to growing a hop sedge, you can take solace in the fact that it can grow both in cold and warm climates. If you live in a cold zone, make sure that you plant this sedge in a place they get plenty of access to sunlight.
Regarding watering this plant, you will only need to do so about twice monthly. You will also need to water any hop sedge that has prolonged exposure to sunlight at least three different times per month. It is a very leafy plant, as it sprouts five to seven different leaves that bloom from June to October in most situations. This plant continues to thrive because it attracts some different pollinators, such as butterflies. These plants are very lush and gorgeous and will add some sophistication and style to any landscape that you are putting together. You can order them from a nursery and begin planting them in your yard by applying the tips laid out.

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