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Hornbeam Tree

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Latin Name- Carpinus Caroliniana Hardy Planting Zone-5-8 Mature Height- 20-30 ft Width-15-25 ft Sun or Shade- Full to Partial Sun

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Hornbeam Tree

Hornbeam trees are also known as ironwood and muscle-wood trees; they get new names from having such sturdy wood. This wood rarely cracks or splits, and it remains nice and stable. In fact, in the past pioneers would use these trees to make mallets and other tools; also, they would make bowls and dishes. These trees tend to be small, but they serve great purposes for your landscapes. These trees will look great among other trees in the shade. When the autumn season arrives, the tree will become decked out in colorful leaves in the shades orange, red and yellow. Hornbeams provide lovely shade for wildlife as well. You will see that this tree is like a magnet for nature's creatures. For example, birds and small animals usually find shelter within these trees and eat the fruit that appears on the tree later in the year. Also, this tree will attract maybe some butterflies as well. Children genuinely love hornbeams because their branches usually grow low to the ground, so it is fantastic for climbing. Hornbeams generally grow around the southern parts of the U.S. They typically develop in the sun or the shade and grow the best in fertile soil. Young hornbeams require a regular supply of water if water usually is absent due to hot climate. However, as they grow, they need less water. Organic soil is the best soil because it holds moisture well, so watering often doesn't have to happen. You will not have to prune Hornbeams very much unless you have a particular preference. It depends on how you will want the tree to look. Overall, the tree is lovely and incredibly appealing to any landscape. You barely have to water this tree or trim it because it is deficient maintenance. Hornbeams are great for kids because the branches grow low for easy climbing. Also, animal life will be right at your door!

Hornbeam Trees are hardy and versatile specimens that offer a lot of benefits. In spring, the trees are arrayed with a thick covering of orange and yellow flowers. Birds and butterflies flock to them, adding their colors and music to the mix. The dense canopy provides welcome relief from the glaring sun. In the fall, the bright green leaves blaze brilliant yellow, bright orange, and vibrant red. These hardy trees withstand the windy storms of winter well and thrive in urban environments. These healthy and beautiful trees are great for increasing a home's value and adding aesthetic appeal to the landscape.