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Horsetail Grass

Horsetail Grass

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Botanical Name:
Equistum Fluviatile
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-11
Mature Height:
3-5 ft
Mature Width:
3 ft
Growth Per Year:
3-5 ft
Light Requirement:
full sun
Soil Requirement:
moist to normal
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Horsetail - Equisetum


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Horsetail Grasses - Equisetum arvense


Horsetail grasses are a member of the Equisetum family. They are unique in that they have branches but no leaves. Instead, they have stems that are used to synthesize chlorophyll. They also reproduce using spores, like most ferns do, and are also very fortunate in the poor or fallow soil. This makes them great for areas of the garden or lot that might not support anything else, as well as using wetter or boggier areas of the land that most plants don't do well. This - along with the medicinal uses of the plants, making them a worthwhile inclusion to any garden.
Along with taking up space, some plants might not like Horsetail plants are easy to grow and are extremely hardy, fit for the USDA plant hardiness zones of 7-10. This makes it a good fit for most of the lower United States, with more extensive areas of swamps or bogs. They do take time to establish, so it's best to plant them inside about six weeks before the spring thaw, and then move them outside once there's no more danger of flash freezes. Horsetails can be grown both in containers or in the ground, but they do spread and take over new ground rapidly. To combat this, you can put dark rings or dividers around the horsetails area, so they won't encroach on other areas that you don't want them to grow in. Horsetails are low maintenance once established. The primary objective is to keep their soil moist and to cut old stems down to the root to keep the plants healthy and new. You can harvest Horsetails in the summertime, and they can be used as household decorations, ground into powder for a variety of homeopathic remedies, or even eaten cooked if the stalks are small enough. They can also be used as a scouring pad if you use more than one together.


The Horsetail is also known as Swamp Horsetail. This is a perennial grass. It will come back year after year. The Horsetail grass will grow well in wet conditions. It is very common around ponds and lakes. This grass looks great around water gardens.