How To Keep Animals out of your Garden Plants

5th Dec 2012

Keeping animals out of your garden is not hard. You’ve spent months, even years, building and nurturing your home garden plants, but before you know it, you have all sorts of critters trampling your flowers, digging up your plant food and using your garden as a public restroom. Keeping animals off your garden is not only essential in maintaining your garden, but it is also important for keeping diseases like rabies at bay. If you have pets, keeping outside animals from your garden is important so as not to transmit diseases to your dogs or cats. Armadillos, raccoons, skunks and squirrels are some of the many woodland creatures you’ll have to contend with for the sake of protecting your home garden. Keeping animals out of your garden is not a hard step, but it takes preventative measures and using the animal’s senses to your advantage.

The easiest step in keeping animals out of your garden is erecting a small fence around your garden, usually grated fencing in the form chicken wire or any other form that acts as a shield barrier. Find a mesh dome that will not only protect your plants from animals, but will also trap in sunlight and retain soil moisture. You can find these small fences at your local hardware store. Never use poison pellets; domestic animals can find them, and it is extremely painful for animals that ingest them. Keeping animals out of your garden should not involve killing any animal you find in your garden. Let the animals know that their presence is not welcome by lacing repellents around your garden that contain the scents of their natural predators. Many of these repellent sprays are not detectable to humans when it comes to aroma since animal repellent targets the higher senses of animals. You can find these repellents at your local hardware store or plant nursery.

If your foe is a stray dog or cat, there are also domestic animal repellents available. These repellents use the animal’s senses against them by using odors and scents that dogs and cats otherwise cannot stand. A whiff of these repellents is enough to make animals leave and keep them away forever. Be sure to spray regularly. If possible, try and find natural repellents that are good for the environment and won’t harm the animal. Another method of keeping animals out of your garden is using hot chili sauce or powder mixed with some water or lemon to naturally repel animals. Be sure to taste the concoction yourself and if it burns your tongue, odds are the animal will be bothered by it.

Use motion lights around your garden to not only scare away animals, but you’ll be alerted as well if a nightly prowler happens upon your garden. Also, use noise to care away animals by tying loose cans together and setting a rope trigger; animals usually flee at the slightest hint noise they do not recognize. Keeping animals out of your garden can also come in the form of a scarecrow. If you have a rocking chair out on your porch, get out an old Halloween costume and make it in the form of a human. An oncoming animal will be fooled at the sight of your scarecrow. If all else fails, try calling your local wildlife center to get the animals trapped and relocated. Do not call animal control since they will only put the animal to sleep. If you are an outdoors person who lives way out in the country then you can trap the animal yourself and relocate it far away from your home.