How to maintain a water garden

5th Dec 2012

A water garden is a good feature to add to your landscaping. It adds for a very peaceful point throughout your garden. So that this task won’t be stressful when here are a few things you need to know about maintaining your water garden. Just like any garden you have to make sure that the ecosystem balance is maintained. There are five things you need to remember in trying to accomplish this goal. Those things are:

1)      Mechanical as well as biological filters

2)      Pumps and plumbing

3)      Rocks and gravel

4)      Aquatic plants

5)      Fish

All these elements must be present in order for your ecosystem to truly work. With the exception of seasonal cleaning with a little beneficial bacterium maintain your water garden is relatively easy.

Now when it comes too performed and container water gardens you will find that the maintenance is a little different. Sometimes even a little more difficult. The smaller the ecosystem the harder it will be to maintain. That doesn’t make them any less intriguing. There are quite a few items on the market that will help you maintain these smaller ecosystems. The only real headache about these performed water gardens are the liners because they are barrel liners the leaks cannot be repaired. Once again though that is a minor issue due to that they are replaceable. Always remember as well when having a performed or container water garden that the less fish and plants in the ecosystem the more balanced the ecosystem will be. Just remember to keep an eye on these ecosystems and it will always provide a peaceful place for you to just come and relax, a simple way to get away from everyday hassles even if for just a moment so to speak. Ferns and plants that creep will look good near water gardens.