How To Plant A Garden

2nd Jun 2013

How To Plant A Garden

Are you planning to plant a garden? Then continue reading this article since it will give you a basic overview when it comes to planning a garden

1) Buy Seeds – First things first, you must buy a seed or a bulb for your garden. You can find plenty of them in gardening stores and local dollar market. 

2) Finding A Spot – The next thing to do is to find a good spot for your garden. What you are looking for is an area that will get both sunlight and shade. Be sure that you are planting your plants accordingly to the area’s sunlight exposure for optimum growth. This is why it is best that you do your research on what kind of plants you are planting and the factors needed for optimum growth. 

3) Preparing The Soil – There are basically two ways you can prepare the soil. You can start by digging and churning the soil up to 2 feed down. While you are doing it, start adding some compost to the soil. If you find this process very exhausting and time consuming, then there are power tools that you can use to help you get the whole process done quickly and effortlessly. 

The other method is to simply build a box, and fill it with soil and compost mixture. 

4) Planting Seeds – Read carefully the instructions found on the package or plastic tag of the seeds that you bought for your garden. It is best that you follow the instructions for optimum growth, especially the recommended soil depth. If you cannot find the instructions, then you can find it on gardening books or the Internet gardening sites. You can then start planting those seeds in your soil and compost mixture.

5) Watering – All life depends on water, and your plants are not an exception. Make sure you water them every day. However, do not drown them

6) Watch your plants like crepe myrtle grow!