How to pot a Fern

5th Dec 2012

Potting ferns is very simple.  You will need to make sure that you have the right soil and the right size pot for your fern.  There are a lot of ferns that require low lighting and high humidity.  There are also some ferns that need little attention at all.  A great soil when planting a fern into a pot or container is a soil that contains peat moss.  The soil for ferns needs good drainage and should also have high organic contents.  Ferns foliage will wither if put into direct sunlight.  Ferns will need some sunlight but do not like very hot conditions.   You also need to make sure that your container or pots have very good drainage.  Ferns need to dry out a little between watering.   If you are planting small ferns make sure that you use a pot that will fit their size.  Larger ferns will need larger pots.  If your pots are too large for your ferns there is a chance that they could get over watered?  When potting a Boston Fern make sure that you have a ceramic or terracotta pot.  These pots tend to hold water and will be very good for your fern.  Also with Boston Ferns you will need a very rich potting soil mix.  Once you have potted your fern water immediately.  When you see young ferns growing through the drainage holes your fern needs to be repotted into a larger container.  It is also a good idea to re-pot your ferns at least once a year.  You can find a wide variety of ferns available at an online plant nursery.