How to preserve and can fresh fruit

5th Dec 2012

Canned fresh fruit can be delicious and is a great way of preserving it until ready to use.  You can use canned fruit in pies and other dishes.  When canning fresh fruit some of it may need syrup in the jar to keep it sweet until ready to use.  You can create light, medium or heavy syrup.  Light syrup will need 2 cups of sugar, medium will need 3 cups of sugar and heavy will need 4 ¾ cups of sugar.  Mix these with 4 cups of water each to create your syrup.  Some fruits like apples and apricots will need to be cooked in the syrup and then placed in jars. You will also need to prepare the apples so that they will not turn colors.  Letting the apples soak in lemon juice and water will help with them not turning.  These will also need to be placed in a canner for around 20 minutes to be canned correctly.  Canning berries are very simple.  You just need to fill your jars with the berries and cover them with hot syrup or hot juice.  Then place in canner for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on pints or quarts.  This is berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  There are several recipes available for canning fruit.  The best thing is to research recipes and find the recipe that is best for you.  You may have a lot of time to prepare your fruit or you may be looking for a recipe that is simple and easy to do.  There are a lot of recipes available for canning fruits like pears, cherries and tomatoes.  This is a great way to save your fruit and use it later for cooking.