How to trim a tree

5th Dec 2012

It is a very good idea to keep your trees pruned.  This will usually create a strong, healthy and attractive tree.  It is also a good idea to prune shade trees.  This will make sure that there are not any branches or limbs that can fall and cause damage to your property or cause injury.  You can also trim and prune trees to help them keep their shape when growing.  Trimming and pruning your trees will also help keep down the number of diseased limbs.  You will need to research the types of trees that you will be trimming and pruning to make sure that you do this at the correct time of year so that you will not harm or damage the tree.   By trimming your trees you can also keep them where you can walk under them by removing all the lower limbs and branches.  When trimming dead branches from your trees make sure that you do not cut into the branch bark ridge.  Only trim down to when the dead branch ends.  Trimming into the healthy part of the tree could make the tree take longer for it to heal.   Be careful when trimming your trees that you do not rip the bark on the healthy parts of the trees.  This can cause decay in the area where the bark has been ripped.  Also if you trim a limb flush to the tree it will injure the stem tissues and can also cause decay to that area.Favorite trees are red maples, oaks and redbud trees.