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Hypnum Sheet Moss

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Hypnum Sheet Moss - Hypnum curvifolium

Hypnum Sheet Moss (Hypnum curvifolium) is a low growing moss that loves the shade. It prefers full shade, but it can tolerate partial shade. Hypnum Sheet Moss has a distinct feathery feel and is a vibrant shade of medium green. It has low growing, bristly or curly branches for a unique texture. This ideal ground cover can wrap around stepping stones and garden benches and can handle light to medium foot traffic. It grows very low to the ground, so it is a very versatile garden and yard plant. It can complement any native wildflower patches and offer ground cover to low hanging shrubs and bushes. Hypnum Sheet Moss is also commonly used for mossy footpaths and moss lawns.

Create your unique garden or yard with Hypnum Sheet Moss; If you like to add natural looking paths to your garden, use this moss to cover the ground between your large stepping stones for a whimsical and natural look. You can use also train them to cover wooden structures like wells and logs. This moss adds a soft and bright green to large areas and footpaths and adds a calming ambiance to your garden and yard. It also can work well in an indoor terrarium. Hypnum Sheet Moss is versatile and has a high transplant success rate. It can even replace grass lawns, creating a lovely textured garden. This moss grows best in sandy or acidic soils.

Use Hypnum Sheet Moss for any large or small project, from an adorable terrarium to an entirely new lawn. This bright and resilient moss adds a unique texture to wooden structures and compliments many bushes, trees, and flowers. It doesn't compete for space around your flowers and is easily maintained once it is transplanted and settled in your garden.

USDA Climate Zone - Zone 3-11
Moss Height - 6-24 inches
Moss Width - 4-36 inches
Soil Type - Sandy, Clay, Acidy
Sun - Shade to Partial Sun

Hypnum Sheet Moss grows in places nothing else will grow. It spreads in sheets and is very soft. The green color gives a pretty texture to the moss spread. The Sheet Moss spreads slow, but will eventually cover a whole area up to 36-inch area. The less sun, the better it grows. It can be used for adding green color to rocks, ponds, and other moist areas. Transplanting the moss is very easy, and the turnout rate for transplanting is very successful.

Sheet moss is an exhilarating touch to your outside décor. The plant is excellent for filling around walkways and brightening up a flower bed. There are many different uses for sheet moss. It can be used as a filler in between patio stones, and cover bare ground. This type of plant will keep its green color and hold soil place.