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Jewel Weed

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Climate zone: 2-11, Mature height: 2-6 ft, Blooming season: Summer, Soil conditions: Moist, Botanical name: Capensis, Ship as: Bareroot

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Jewel Weed



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Sometimes, nature invents its treatments for various health problems. One example of this is the Jewelweed plant, which can be used to create remedies for a variety of skin problems such as insect bites, eczema, poison ivy, and burns. There is a special juice inside the leaves and stems of some species of Jewelweed that is used to make skin treatments. It's easy to find this plant because it is common in many areas of the US and Canada, especially in the eastern regions of both countries. You'll have the most excellent chance of finding it in May through October because summer is its main growing season. It grows best in moist areas, such as along the side of creeks or shallow ponds, and it thrives when the soil is soggy and damp. It prefers being in the shade to being in harsh direct sunlight. It doesn't need much maintenance, so it's easy to grow.


Jewelweed usually reaches 3-5 feet in height at its maturity, and it has small dark green leaves. Its bold yellow-orange flowers will quickly catch your eye with their peculiar shape and reddish spots. Unlike many other plants, this plant's stems don't have an excellent color; they are somewhat translucent. One other interesting thing about its appearance is that if you put its leaves into some water, the leaves look almost like silver. This jewel-like silvery look is how the plant got its name. Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the way it seems, so if you have Jewelweed in your yard, you can expect to be visited by both of these lovely creatures!


If you would like to own a unique plant that not only has a fascinating look but also has practical uses for healing your skin, looks no further than Jewelweed. This is an extraordinary plant that you will love having in your garden. Consider getting some Jewelweed for yourself today!


Jewelweed is one of nature’s most useful flowering annuals. This plant’s stem can be sliced open to expose juices that heal irritation from poison ivy and stinging nettle. Jewelweed is a shade-loving plant that doesn’t bloom well in direct sunlight or dry soil. Its delicate pedals need protection from the sun. It is found wild along creek beds and is an easy-to-grow addition in wooded areas and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance.