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Joe Pye Plant

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Latin Name-Eutrochium Fistulosum Hardy Zone-3-9 Mature Height-5-7ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Joe Pye Plant - Eutrochium Fistulosum


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The Joe-Pye (Eutrochim) weeds is a flowering plant originating from North America, in the sunflower family. The flowers are highly pigmented blooming in various shades of pink and purple.


The planting zone of the Joe-Pye weeds is from USDA Zone 3a through USDA Zone 9b, or from -40 F to 25 F. The mature eight of the plant reaches between 90 cm up to 120 cm.


When planting the Joe-Pye, make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients, not too condensed but provides enough support so that the small plant can stand upright. Plant the Joe-Pye 45 cm to 60 cm apart. The water requirement of this plant is rather simple as it needs regular watering. Keep the soil damp but do not overwater.


The Joe-Pye plant is beneficial to a garden as it strongly attracts bees which can help the rest of the garden thrive as well. The Joe-Pye also attracts birds, butterflies, wasps, flies, and other flower-loving insects.


The foliage of the Joe-Pye is herbaceous, and it has some medicinal properties. It blooms mid-summer to late-summer or early fall at the latest.


It is important to note that the Joe-Pye can be used for landscaping purposes as well. Its growth in radius is easy to maintain, and the height of a mature plant (up to 120 cm) is perfect for a gedge around the garden to the whole property.


A versatile plant, the Joe-Pye is an excellent choice for gardeners who want to be more creative with their landscaping and framing of other flower beds or vegetable patches. Many gardeners use the Joe-Pye plant to attracts bees to their other plants as well as to decorate.


Joe-Pye has been growing steadily in Canada and the United States of America. The states with most flourishing Joe-Pye include Arkansas and Alabama.


Joe Pye is a very vibrant and colorful plant. It produces blooms that are very puffy and will start blooming in late summer. The Joe-pye plant will tolerate drought conditions very well. The flowers will be very fragrant and is a perfect plant for watching butterflies since the plant is beautiful to them.