Landscaping Around Your Pond

5th Dec 2012

Landscaping around your pond will also use almost the same techniques as landscaping around your water garden.  When you are landscaping around a pond you will also want to purchase plants that will prevent soil erosion around the edge of your pond.  These ferns will need to be able to survive in wet soil conditions and muddy soil conditions.  Also if you want to plant some shrubs around your pond the best size to purchase are medium ones.  You do not want the shrubs to grow and take over the pond.  There are several varieties of medium shrubs that you can choose from.  Some of them are Camellias, Japanese aralias, azaleas and also a wide variety of Juniperus.  You will also need to research the plants and shrubs that you will be purchasing to landscape around your pond.  You need to make sure that they are right for the climate in which they will be growing in.  You may also want to consider a few trees to go around your pond; this will provide your pond with a more natural look.  You might consider the Cordylines, Carrot woods, and another great one is a Sheffleras.  You may want to even use a few pines.  Perennials are also a great type of plant to use in landscaping around a pond.  There are many types of grasses that grow very well around a pond and will do well in the soil and lighting conditions.  Ferns are another great plant that can be used as a landscaping plant for a pond area.