Landscaping Around Your Water Garden

5th Dec 2012

Landscaping around your water garden can be a fun project.  You will need to research the types of water plants that you are wanting to purchase for your water garden.  This way you will know exactly what types of climates and conditions the plants will need to grow well and survive.  You can also order water plants and plants that will grow well from an online plant nursery.  You will be able to buy in bulk and will be able to purchase all the plants that you will need.  These sites will also provide you with a full description of the plant and will advise you on what types of lighting and soil conditions will be needed for each plant.  You will be able to add beauty to your water garden with just a few plants.  You may want to purchase plants to outline the borderof your water garden.  You may also want to consider some floating plants for your water garden.  These will usually help keep the algae from growing as fast.  You will also need to make sure that the plants you choose will compliment your garden.  Some water plants are known to release or add toxins to the water systems.  If you have fish in your water garden you will also need plants that will provide them the needed protection and will not hurt the fish or damage the water they are in.  If you are looking to plant some shrubs around your water garden make sure that they are medium shrubs and will not grow to be real tall.  This will take away from your water garden and may even cover it up eventually