Landscaping on a Budget

5th Dec 2012

When it comes to money, it seems like we are all lacking lots of it! How do we get around it? If you are lacking money, but your yard needs a facelift what are your choices? Are there really options out there?

Yes, there are many things that you can do to your yard to give it a fresh facelift or even things that you can use that you may already have around your home in order to get a thousand dollar look!

You can use an old pair of boots to revamp that drab flower bed, poke some drainage holes in the bottom and plant some plants or perennials in them and watch them go. Blue phlox, creeping myrtle and hydrangea bushes work well here. You can use an old wheelbarrow that may not be good to haul wood in but would be perfect to lay over on its side or even standing up with groundcover growing out of it. Old pots can be used to plant plants in, old rusty gutters can be hung on the side of a fence with groundcover or perennials growing out of them. There are many items right in front of us, laying in our woods or in that old dump pile in our backyard that we can use to make our yard look new and fresh again!

Go ahead get creative with it and show your true colors!