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Leaf mulch for sale

Leaf Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

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Leaf Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

Leaf mulch is excellent to use on vegetable gardens as it will supply great nutrients for the soils to become very rich, so the plants grow and become healthy.  This is also a great way to keep moisture around the plants during the hot days of summer as they grow.  This mulch makes from leaves that have fallen during the fall and added to compost barrels where they are stirred and broken down so they can be quickly distributed around shrubs, trees and into gardens.  It can be purchased from this online nursery and shipped in five-gallon bags so that it is easy to apply to all areas.  It is lovely and a very natural way to supply the much-needed vitamins back into tired soil conditions.  This is also a way to protect during the cold months as this mulch also offers insulation around the tender plants that may be growing.