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Leatherwood Ferns

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Leather Wood Fern – Dryopteris marginalis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Part Shade, Shade Mature Height - 18-23” Mature Width- 23-29” Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

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Leatherwood Fern - Dryopteris Marginalis

The Many Attributes of Leatherwood ferns
Leatherwood Fern - Dryopteris Marginalis

The Leatherwood fern is the garden addition that will make you pause to drink in the charm of the perfectly lance-shaped fronds in this foliage plant. With the right loving care, it grows to form a large clump that rises from a single crown. You may also see this favorite greenery in your florist centerpiece.

If soil and maximum planting conditions are used, the leatherwood fern can grow over two feet tall and wide. Loose, compost-enriched soil is a plus for this jewel. Once established, it becomes drought-resistant. Additionally, early spring is the time to start planting your fern garden. The first year's growth encourages the development of the young fronds into well-shaped plants where they adapt and flourish in your landscape. Ultimately, the second year it is an enlarged beauty that earns a forever status in any garden.

Young leatherwood ferns are a light green shade. Whereby, maturity transforms them into an eye-catching, blue-green hue with deeply-cut, leathery fronds. It's one of the few plants that remain evergreen, which puts it in high demand for winter gardens. Light snowfalls on their arching symmetry only add to the elegance. Capture the easy-to-grow allure of this fern in zones three to eight.

Since deer and rabbits resist this fern, it makes naturalizing woodland areas comfortable and productive. Nature walks into forested regions expose leatherwood ferns growing in native habitats in shaded crevices, and northern exposed rocky ledges. Widely adaptable, it performs in moist soils that are alkaline, acid or neutral.

Indulge your landscaping adventures and position leatherwood ferns with wildflowers to attract birds and butterflies, build a rock garden using them as the grand attraction, harness their greenery in the border and welcome them on the patio in containers. Incredibly, their natural habit is so adaptable to change that they revel in the opportunity to become luxurious, perfectly shaped houseplants. Get started with leatherwood ferns today.



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