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Legacy Sugar Maple Tree

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Legacy Sugar Maple Tree



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The Legacy Sugar Maple Tree is one of the smaller of the maples. This tree does have a very sweet sap that can be used to make syrup. It is very popular for its size more than anything. It is a compact little tree that looks great in a small area. This tree is very dense and robust growth and easy to grow. It will require little to no maintenance once mature and can tolerate drought conditions for short periods.


The Advantages of Planting Legacy Sugar Maple Trees
Sugar Maple Trees- Acer Saccharum


The Sugar Maple tree is a Native to Canada and is grown in many states. This tree is the fastest growing of its species. It grows over 2 feet a year. It is a tree that grows from 60 to 70 feet. The foliage of the tree is green in spring and summer. The leaves of the tree provide excellent shade to the landscape. Then in autumn, the leaves of the tree in your yard are sure to attract visitors and neighbors. They turn brilliant shades of orange, yellow or red. It is a shade tree that multiplies. The round foliage is incredible at blocking sunlight. Its growth rate is about 2 yards per year. In April and May, yellow catkins appear, and it also yields acorns.


The Sugar Maple Tree is an incredibly hardy tree. Extreme weather and climate changes don't seem to keep it from thriving. Most qualities of soils do no inhibit the growth of the tree, and most often the quality of the wood does not deteriorate. The Sugar Maple tree is also easy to transplant. It is just pertinent to keep soil ph levels at 3.7 to 7.3. It is also incredibly easy to start the growth of a new tree without much effort. The seeds need to fall into fertile soil, and a tree will begin to grow.


This tree provides nutrition for various animals such as Blue Jays, deer, small rodents, and wild turkeys. The sap of the tree is excellent for human consumption. It is processed in a boiler and used to make maple syrup. The wood is both thick, hard, and hard to destroy. Companies utilize its wood to construct items requiring high-quality lumber, such as furniture, wood floors, and expensive instruments.