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Live Garden Moss Collection

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Live Garden Moss Benefits In Landscaping

Moses in a garden can provide an elegant look while producing a natural environment for your plant or flowers. One of the best ready-to-use mosses available on the market today is the Live Garden Moss Collection. Cover as many square feet as you would like with this exceptional product that makes trails look natural, and gardens look vibrant. Mosses typically grow in dense green mats or clumps and are a flowerless plant. They thrive in shady or damp locations and are made of simple leaves that are usually only one cell thick. Moss is attached to a stem that can be unbranched or branched; however, they play a limited role for nutrients and conducting water.

Mosses after fertilization develop sporophytes and do not have seeds. They have stalks that are unbranched and topped with spores contained in a single capsule. The Live Garden Moss Collection grows between 1 and 4 inches tall; however, some species are much taller. The tallest moss known in the world to grow up to 20 inches is the Dawsonia moss. There are many benefits of installing garden moss like being highly absorbent, allowing the moss to retain more water when compared to other types of soils; therefore, making moss a great addition to your garden.

One of the many other benefits is the acidic PH features. Plants like camellias and blueberries need these acids to grow. If your garden doesn’t have any acid in it, garden moss is an essential element to add your garden soil. Moss is also a sterile medium, meaning it’s ideal for planting and growing all types of plants. Moss doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is suitable for plant growth. The Live Garden Moss Collection is available for immediate shipment to your house or place of business with a wide variety of size options.

Carefree, Decorative Live Garden Moss
Garden moss is a gardener's best friend for landscapes with bare spots. Depending on the species the gardener chooses, garden moss makes lovely additions between stepping stones, walkways and along paths.

Live Garden Moss - Hardy and Abundant
Garden moss grows best in damp areas. This is one reason it is often seen growing under tall oak and maple trees. It's important to note that live garden moss prefers dappled sunlight for some species like Irish Moss and shade for Sheet Moss.

There are over 20,000 varieties of moss. In some gardens, it can take over large areas if not adequately controlled. When this happens, consider removing sections of the moss and creating beautiful garden structures by setting it over a stone, wire or cement form or in containers.

Moss is a hardy and abundant plant for landscapes and helps retain moisture. It rarely grows more than two inches in height and has sturdy root systems. Although Fern Moss, if uncontrolled, grows about one to two feet in height.

As to Growing Zones, live garden moss can withstand winter temperatures in Zones 1 through 5 easily. Moss roots need moisture so dry, arid climates of Zone 6 and above need to provide plenty of moisture and keep the soil damp to the touch.

Choosing Live Garden Moss for an Attractive Landscape
Garden moss allows garden landscapes to become enchanting with decorative live topiaries.

Instead of disposing of unwanted stones, pile them into a "cairn" about four or five feet in height. To each layer, place a small patch of fern of one or more species, saving the taller Fern Moss for the top "crown."

As the moss begins to grow, it covers the outside of the cairn, and the Fern Moss springs out of the top like a fountain. To add to the landscape decor, create an Irish Moss infused stepping stone path to the cairn centerpiece.