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Live Moss Grab Bag

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Live Moss Grab Bag

Live moss grab bag is a mixed bag of our best selling moss plants. They are sure to be grown both indoors and out to help make your yard a great success. They prefer to grow anywhere that there is shade, but they can tolerate some sun.


Moss Collection
One of the most common types of plants you can purchase is moss. With moss, you are getting a unique form of the facility that can help enhance places such as your garden. You can also use mosses to decorate certain parts of your home as well. Fortunately, consumers can get a variety of different type of mosses. With the many different kinds of mosses, they will have something to ensure that their plant's collection is diverse and of good quality.


When looking to get the many types of mosses, you will first want to determine its uses. Fortunately, there are some excellent uses for this kind of plant. The applications for this plant include decoration, adding variety and also contributing to a collection of plant life for your home. The first use of this plant is decoration. With this plant, you can use it to enhance the appearance of your garden and therefore help it stand out. Another good use is adding variety. There are some different types of plants you can use. However, using this plant will add yet another quality plant to your garden and household. Lastly, this plant will enable you to put together a more vast collection of plants wherever you keep them.


To grow this plant, you will usually need to do so like any other plant. The first thing you will need to do is get the seed and put it into the soil. Then you will need to put in plant food into the ground as well. After this step, you will need to water the land and leave it in some sunlight. By doing these things, you will have this plant multiply.


Since this plant is among the more common kinds out there, you can put them just about anywhere. You can set this plant in gardens, in homes and also in offices. You will only need to plant this in the garden of your front and backyard. Keeping this plant in pots is also an option. People will grow it in a pan and store it on tables and counters in various indoor settings.