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The Many Gardening Advantages Of Planting Live Stakes In Standing Water

Planting live stakes in standing water is a relatively easy and wise environmental investment. Live stakes are tree branches with the leaves and twigs removed. Live stakes are planted directly into the soft soil, as the soil one may find in standing water. Live stakes are often planted in an attempt to bolster the land surrounding them; gullies often benefit from the practice of live staking. These tree stakes can be used as an anchor for erosion-fighting materials like straw rolls, coir rolls, turf reinforcement mats, and continuous berms. Live stakes create a stable root system that binds soil together, building a foundation for wildlife habitats and preventing further sediment loss. Live stakes are often used for water restoration; human-made developments often harm bodies of water by removing plant life along the surface of the soil.

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Advantages Of Planting Live Stakes Near Other Plants


These bodies of water may be rendered bare of healthy plant life, especially the roots in the ground which provide a foundation for other plant life to grow and thrive. This leads to an unusually high level of sediment loss, causing pollution and land loss, among other undesirable effects. Live stakes are arguably the most efficient and cost-effective method to combat these detrimental impacts; property owners can quickly implement live staking on their properties, creating trees in standing water with strong roots that will counter the loss of soil. When planting live stakes, they should be placed roughly three feet apart in rows along the bank of the body of water in a triangular arrangement. Not all of the stakes planted will survive; for this reason, it is wise to plant a higher density of stakes in the water. When planted, growth may not be evident in the first year, because there may not be leaves visible on the stakes. This is fine; it is far more important that the root system is developing.

Live Stakes Work Well For Wetland Mitigation Plantings