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Lizards Tail

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Botanical Name:
Saururus Cernuus

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-9

Mature Height:
5-8 ft

Mature Width:
4-6 ft

Growth Per Year:
less than 1 ft

Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade

Soil Requirement:
Prefers moist, acidic soil with organic matter

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Lizards Tail – Saururus Cernuus

Lizard's tail, also known as water dragon, is an ornamental aquatic plant. It is known for its striking white tufts, which resemble lizard tails - or, some would argue, the elegantly arched neck of a dragon. Lizard's tail grows 2-4 feet high and has dark green, heart-shaped leaves. The tufts are composed of small white flowers which later become spiky green fruits. Historically, this plant was used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. It was believed to have pain-relieving properties and was either applied in a poultice or brewed in a tea.

The plant is native to the United States and does best in moist, boggy soil or shallow water. It tolerates flooding and inundated soil. This makes it ideal for inclusion in water gardens or as a perimeter plant around the edges of a pond. Lizard's tail is robust and easy to care for, needing little attention after it has been planted. It does best in sun or partial shade but can also tolerate full shade. Resistant to insects and disease, this tough aquatic plant needs no special care to overwinter. Lizard's tail self-propagates, making it an excellent choice as a groundcover. It will not overspill its boundaries onto drier soil or into deeper water. Even beginning gardeners will find this plant rewarding and easy to work.

Besides the simplicity of its care, the main appeal of lizard's tail is its visual and olfactory charm. A bed of lizard's tail adds a whimsical fairy-tale appearance to the landscape. The white tufts sprouting above the broad green leaves make it look as though small animals are frolicking beneath. Lizard's tail is pleasantly fragrant, producing an aroma similar to that of oranges. It also attracts eye-catching pollinators such as hairstreak butterflies. This perennial plant's long lifespan means it will return to delight viewers year after year.



Lizard's tail is considered to be a perennial plant. The blooms resemble a tail, and this is where it gets the name Lizard's tail. The Lizard's tail will produce small white flowers and will hang like a tail. This plant will have an orange smell to it. The Lizard's tail has no value to wildlife for a source of food.