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Loblolly Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus Taeda, Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 25-30' Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun


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Pinus Taeda - Loblolly Pine Seedlings

Loblolly the workaday conifer
The Loblolly Pine is an excellent choice for domestic use. For gardeners in the eastern and southern states of America, this tree will extend the natural habitat of local wildlife onto your property. The tree provides seeds for squirrels and insect hunting grounds for birds. It's not a finicky or delicate tree, so it's okay for the casual gardener. The scent of the Loblolly Pine has been compared to rosemary. Although a conifer it does not have the stereotypical Christmas tree shape. Instead of tinker toy regimentation or a triangular profile, the canopy has a looser more rounded shape.
The Loblolly Pine is very popular commercially. Due to its hardiness, its 2 feet a year growth rate, and its large trunk it's an excellent softwood producer. The wood is mostly used for paper, but it's a lot of different products.
These trees are used for resin products and environmental protection. Resin products are used to stick things together, thin paint, dissolve substances, or in herbal medicine. Loblolly Pines prevent steep hillsides from sliding down using their roots to hold the ground together. The drifts of pine needles that form under the trees also avoid wind and rain from eroding soil away. The Loblolly Pine has demonstrated that it can grow equally well whether the land has or has not been mined. The trees return the property to a more natural state by providing wildlife habitat. Pine trees release a substance into the air that clumps up into suspended particles that are big enough to reflect some of the sun's heat back to space and to help rain droplets to form. These characteristics make the Loblolly Pine useful for ameliorating severe weather and droughts.
Whether you're managing forestry or you want a tree with a refreshing scent in your backyard, Loblolly Pines will be useful to you.

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The Loblolly Pine is a very rapid growing tree. This tree will provide you with lots of shade for your lawn. It is also very adaptable to various soil conditions.