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Loblolly Pine Tree

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Loblolly Pine - Pinus Taeda

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The loblolly pine has long, light green needle-shaped leaves. It flowers during the winter time in February or March. The flowers are small and pale green and red. Cones are dry and oval shaped. The bark of the loblolly pine has a reddish-brown color that is very appealing. Its outer bark plates are highly distinguished and visible. Lower branches die and fall off as the tree grows in height.

You can plant this tree seedlings in USDA hardiness zones six through nine. This includes much of the Southeast, most of the West Coast, the entire Mid Atlantic region and a significant part of the Mid-West. The average height of mature loblolly pine trees ranges from 65 to 90 inches. Some mature trees can reach heights of up to 100 feet or more.

Loblolly pines will thrive in moist, acidic, clay and sandy soils. You can also plant the seedlings in loamy and well-drained soils. It is best to grow them in sunny areas or at least part sun. The loblolly pine is one of the fastest growing pine species. It can grow up to two feet or more per year in height. Their rapid growth makes them a very popular choice for creating screens in landscaping.

It's seedlings are very easy to grow. They will withstand moderate flooding and drought. Just make sure they receive some sunlight and watch them grow at a rapid rate. Watering the soil when it is dry will help them grow.

This fast grower is raised commercially for use as timber. In residential settings, you can plant them in rows to create screens. For example, a row of loblolly pines planted close together can be used to form a screen at the edge of property or backyard. They also make excellent shade trees. This is because they grow quickly, have a widespread and are an evergreen tree. This means they will provide you with year-round shade.



The Loblolly Pine is the wood of choice for many furniture makers and builders in the United States. Landscapers love it for its rich history and natural growing range. Its large columnar truck holds an exciting canopy of needle-like leaves with visually interesting cones. One of the most prolific evergreen trees in the nation, the Loblolly Pine is a towering giant with a speedy growth rate. Ideal growing conditions are full sun and acidic, moist soil. A resilient tree can tolerate both drought and slight flooding. A favorite nesting habitat of Carolina chickadees and a vital food source for small rodents and squirrels.