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Lotus Plant

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Botanical Name:
Nuphar Lutea


Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-10

Mature Height:
18 ft

Mature Width:
12 ft

Growth Per Year:
1 ft

Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade

Soil Requirement:

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Yellow Pond Lily - Nuphar Lutea 


yellow-pond-lily-3.jpg   yellow-pond-lily-2.jpg   yellow-pond-lily.jpg



All about Lotus Floating Lily Pads


Floating Lily Pads come in two separate varieties, a wild king that can live outdoors even during winter weather, and a tropical version that needs to either be taken inside or replanted merely once the winter months are over. Water lilies are so popular not only because of their large, luxurious blooms but also because their flowers begin in June, and last all the way into early fall such as October. Both versions of the plant have blossoms, though the tropical varieties have different colored flowers, and can either bloom in the daytime or at night. Floating lily pads also come in several different sizes, meaning that you can pick one up for your garden even if you don't have a pond or water feature. Instead, you can use a barrel or concrete planter filled with water, as long as you've chosen a lily that won't reach a large size. It's essential for the lily pads to be planted in clean topsoil, with gravel covering to make sure that the soil stays where it needs to be. Since hardy lily pads can survive the winter, it's important to know where the ground in your pond or container will freeze so that you can plant the lily pad's roots below that. The lily pads will produce flowers in the early summer, and those blooms will last for about three days each before they sink back down to become seeds and restart the entire process. One way to maximize the number of flowers you'll see over the course of the year is to remove the flowers before they sink, letting the plant know that it needs to keep making blooms. These blooms will last until October, and once the winter comes, tropical lily pads need to be either removed from the water and placed in a mixture of sand and moss or given up for annuals.


Yellow pond lily is a fast-growing water plant. The leaves of the Yellow pond lily are huge and shaped like hearts; this provides shelter to the fish and other wildlife in the pond. The Yellow pond lily also has a stalk that will attach itself to the bottom of a pond or lake. This plant produces and lovely yellow blossom which contains lots of seeds. The Yellow pond lily will bloom from June to August.