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Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree

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Sweet Bay Magnolia / Magnolia virginiana Hardy Planting Zones - 5-9 Mature Height - 10-35 ft Mature Width - 10 to 35 ft Sun or Shade - Full sun
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If you are searching for the perfect tree to enhance your home’s landscaping, look toward the Southern Magnolia. It is a lush evergreen that does well in their planting zones. This tree can be planted from seeds and is a rapid grower. It requires a larger yard of acidic, well-drained, fertile soil.The Southern Magnolia tree’s appearance is unique. The wide-spread branches form a cone shape, densely covered with large, broad leaves that are glossy and thick. The underside of the 5-8 inch long leaves appears velvety with a bronze tone. The 8-12 inch wide magnolia blossoms are sweet-smelling, similar to spice-infused lemon, creamy white and quite dramatic appearing with their broad petals. These trees bloom from spring through summer. Come autumn, the fruit appears as colored redwood cones, about 2-4 inches long, with kidney bean shaped, bright red, seeds. Regarding landscaping uses, these trees can be used for a street side, framing, windbreak or shade. For limited space, you can still enjoy the charms of the magnolia utilizing a cultivar named the “Little Gem.” Slower growing, it shares the same glossy, deep green leaves and fragrant, creamy white blooms as the Southern Magnolia. Topping at 15-20 feet, with the width of 8-10 feet, and a narrower shape, it serves well as an espalier, growing flat against a fence or wall, blooming for six months.Whether the Southern magnolia, or the “Little Gem,” this tree provides shade and enjoying the coolness achieved by the multitude of broad leaves and, best of all, the heady, intoxicating, lemon spice scent of the magnificent blossoms is to appreciate this Southern native truly.