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Mood Moss

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Mood Moss - Botanical Name- Dicranum Scoparium- Narcissus Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade- Sun and Part Shade -Mature height- 1-4” Bloom Season – Spring thru Fall (March to November) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Mood Moss - Dicranum scoparium

Dicranum scoparium, often more whimsically, and aptly, called Mood Moss, is a North American native, commonly found across the United States and parts of Canada, particularly in the Great Lakes region. The versatile moss is also found in parts of Europe, Asia, and even areas as remote as Australia and New Zealand. Mood Moss gets its name for an almost ethereal ability to change color with moisture levels. In dry conditions, the clumpy moss appears wispy with a frail quality, but in the presence of moisture, the plant thickens considerable, taking on a fluffy, almost velveteen appearance, with unique textural qualities.

Mood Moss adapts itself to most terrains and can grow on wood, rock, or soil. Clumps of Mood Moss usually reach a thickness of about 3 or 4 inches, and the fast-growing moss requires lots of moisture and little sunlight. Dark, damp forest settings are the natural environment for the Mood Moss. Due to its fun and unusual characteristics, including its vivid, almost entrancing, a shade of green, the moss is often cultivated to add character to garden scenes, as well as terrariums. Outside of decorative purposes, the Mood Moss makes excellent, living material for mulching.

When cultivating, Mood Moss should be planted in a cleared, soil-heavy area that has been pre-moistened. Planting is as simple as pressing clumps of the Mood Moss to the dampened soil, and this can include stepping on the newly-laid moss. To allow the plant to take hold requires daily watering, up to three times per day, for three months. At that point, the Mood Moss will generally take care of itself, but constant watering will encourage it to spread if that is the desired effect. Once the hardy moss is firmly entrenched in its environment, usually by six months, it will survive most conditions, including drought. Mood Moss is not only for gardens; the dried plant retains its thick, green coloring, making a crafty, decorative accessory for decorating.

Mood Moss is a thick and fluffy textured moss with the distinctive appearance that it is leaning in one direction. It is native to heavily wooded parts of Canada and the eastern United States. The flex of cool to humid temperatures are a favorite to moss. Mood Moss commonly grows in clumps on rotting logs, rocks and the forest floor. It needs humus soil.