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Morning Glory Vines 12-18"

Morning Glory Vines 12-18"

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory's are beautiful climbers that come in a wide variety of colors including blue, pink, magenta, purple and white. Their leave is shaped like little hearts, and they are a trumpet-shaped flower that seems to be most beautiful before they bloom early in the morning. The Morning Glory blooms from early summer until the signs of the first frost. Their bright extravagant flowers are a great way to attract hummingbirds and other peaceful garden dwellers. Hardy Zones 3-10

Morning Glory Vine-lpomoea species
Planting zone-USDA Climate zone 9-11
Mature Height-Can grow 15 feet in one growing season
Soil Type-sandy loan
Sun-prefers full sun all day long

This flowering, the fast-growing vine is used for decorative effect. Known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, the flowers can be a variety of colors. Blue, purple, red, pink, and white blooms surrounded by light green heart-shaped leaves grow rapidly. The Morning Glory vine needs a structure to grow on and loves sun all day long. This plant can be an annual or a perennial. For the gardener who wants a fast growing flowering vine to cover a fence or trellis, this is the plant for you. You can determine your size and color by choice. You can easily mix colors and have a variety of booms to make your garden attractive. These are hardy and fast growing vines so if you are eager to see blooms in your garden; this is your plant.