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Mountain Red Maple Tree

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 40-90 ft Width-20-25 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial to Full Sun

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Mountain Red Maple - Acer Rubrum

The Many Attributes Of Mountain Red Maple Trees

The Mountain Red Maple Tree is a variety of tree that is native to North America and thrives in moist, soft-soiled environments. The Mountain Red Maple grows abundantly in forested mountainsides, getting its name from its bright red, almost unrealistically colored, leaves.

Like any Maple tree, it's base is relatively thin, for a tree as large as it grows. The light and a firmly ridged wrap of bark consisting or a greyish tint of brown is a signature feature in Maple trees. The twigs and branches grow outward, up slightly and then to the side, in a relatively straight fashion, but with a slight curve to the definition of the twigs and branches. This provides that signature rounded and lush, puffy look at the crown of the tree. The abundance of bright red leaves seems to blot out the sky with the impression it makes, though the leaves have quite a bit of space between them, letting the tree sway and give off a loose and airy demeanor.

The leaves have three significant prongs, on most varieties, as well as several spiked protrusions along the ridges of the leaf. This design allows for efficient use of space and provides the most surface area to receive sunlight and absorb and release chemicals to keep the tree healthy and vibrant.

Red Mountain Maple Trees operate best in a forested setting. A right combination of moist, aerated soil and an abundance of sunlight can help this tree thrive and act as a significant aesthetic piece of your yard for generations, potentially. There are a relatively hardy species of tree that requires very little maintenance after being established. Monitoring rainfall and compensating any shortages with occasional hand watering or a drip irrigation system is an easy way to keep your Red Mountain Maple healthy. Laying out an even supply of mulch, fertilizer, compost, and wood chips are all simple ways to preserve ground moisture.


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Mountain Red Maple is a popular tree among homeowners and landscapers alike. In the summer months it provides a ton of shade and the fall it becomes one of the most gorgeous trees around. This is because its green leaves turn deep and brilliant reds.