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New York Fern

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New York Fern-Thelypteris noveboracensis Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 12-24" Mature Width- 18-24" Bloom Season – Gardener Status- Beginner

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New York Fern - Thelypteris Noveboracensis



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New York Fern - Thelypteris Noveboracensis
The New York fern, also known as the Tapering Fern, is a perennial species of fern native to parts of North America. It is immensely popular because of its versatility and captures your eye with its immense beauty. It is a soft plant that captivates with a divine combination of yellow and green colors, with three or more lush green fronds. Unlike some ferns whose fronds are triangular, the leaves on the New York Fern tapers both at the tip and base, giving them a distinct look that only adds to their charm. This fern makes for an excellent underplanting for more massive ferns or as an excellent foliage groundcover, and because of its zealous tendency to spread, it is useful for filling in wet areas with its decorative beauty. The fern reaches a height 24 inches tall at maturity, and the fronds have a maximum width of 4 inches and can live up to a full eight years. The Hardy Planting Zone is 4-8 and requires low to medium water use if planted in a massive moisture area. The light requirements are a partial shade to complete shade, and because this fern is considered to be healthy and durable, it can handle harsh weather conditions that other varieties cannot. A deciduous plant, the fronds turn a beautiful auriferous yellow before falling away in the fall. Not to fear, however, the fern will hold its roots until it is time to delight you once again with its beautiful lush fronds in the spring. The New York Fern works well with other species and is best used in extensive gardens, for mass planting, naturalizing, and in woodland and bog gardens. As a bonus, this fern looks lovely in a large decorative pot that will add an elegant touch to any room in your home.


The New York Fern is a U.S. native perennial that experiences its maximum growth period during the spring. Their blooms usually occur in the summer, which is when fruit and seed production also begins. They can survive in any climate not dipping below -28 degrees Fahrenheit. The New York Fern requires adequate amounts of water for optimal growth and health. They make an excellent base for any garden or flower bed.