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Northern Privet Shrub

Northern Privet Shrub

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Northen Privet

Scientific Name: Ligustrum Amurense

USDA Climate Zone - 4-7

Tree Height: 4-15 feet

Tree Width: 4-8 feet

Growth/Year: 2-7 feet

Soil Type: Adaptable to different soils but best in slightly wet-mesic soil

Sun: Partial to full sun

Northern Privet is a favorite shrub to form hedges. It is ideal as topiary for lawns and parks. The Northern Privet can grow to be around 15 feet high and up to 8 feet wide if left unattended. However, given its popular use as hedges, pruning is often desired, and regrowth is denser after each clipping. Northern Privet is a resilient plant but grows best in partial to full sun. It will become in fertile, moist, well-drained soils but does poorly in heavy, wet soils. Northern Privet is deciduous and will shed its leaves in the fall.