Old Wheelbarrows Make Great Flower Pots

5th Dec 2012

Converting that Old Wheelbarrow

You will be amazed at how beautiful this will look in a flower garden or even just sitting on your lawn in an open space. An old wheelbarrow will make the ideal flower container to hold lots of beautiful colored perennials or even to fill with a flowing ivy vine.

You can use any types of perennials in an old wheelbarrow. You can use daffodils, phlox, daisies or other perennials to make a great spectacular center piece for your garden or lawn. Ivy or groundcovers will also grow well in an old wheelbarrow. You will need to use some soil that is rich in vitamins and minerals to make sure that your plants receive all the nutrients that they need while growing. You can also put a small bird feeder on a pole in your wheelbarrow so it can attract wildlife. You can also plant hummingbird vines to attract those wonderful little hummingbirds. They are also so much fun to watch as they are eating. This would make a great weekend project to create and will not take a lot of time doing it. So go ahead and turn that old wheelbarrow that you do not use anymore into a spectacular, beautiful little flower garden for you to enjoy. You can purchase any types of perennials that you will need from a great online plant and tree nursery and will also receive great prices on these plants. Planting perennials in an old wheelbarrow will bring it to life and will add character to your lawn or flower garden.Buy quality flowers and plants at our online nursery