One Stop Shop For All Your Garden Needs

5th Dec 2012

A wholesale nursery is a place where you can get all your plantation and gardening needs at a wholesale price. It is a favorite spot for gardeners. Wholesale nurseries furnish the needs of all kinds of gardens. Their biggest customers are the domestic gardeners who come to fetch their everyday garden needs. Gardeners rely on wholesale nurseries for their routine gardening and plantation needs.

There is a large variety of items available at a wholesale nursery. You can buy raw plant seeds, fertilizers, plant buds, grown up plants, herbs, shrubs, trees and much more. The customer base of these wholesale nurseries is very vast and versatile. Apart from domestic gardeners, people also shop for offices, malls, hospitals, parks, hotels, restaurants etc. Since, a wholesale nursery provides plants at wholesale rate so commercial clients buy them in bulk.

A wholesale nursery not only saves your money at time, but also offers great convenience for the customers as they can find almost anything of your gardening need at a single place. Apart from this, you can get free advice for your garden. Since the staff at the nursery is professional, often certified, hence they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of plants, trees, pests, weeds and other products. They are the best people to ask question and share problems concerning your plants. You will get the best advice from these guys. Many wholesale nurseries have staff that not only deliver the plants to your home but also cultivate and plant them in your garden, often without any additional charges.

You can find many good wholesale nurseries near your area. However prefer choosing the one which is state registered. As there are strict regulations and guidelines from government for the licensed nurseries that they can stock, grow and sell only the registered plants and items. Before getting the certificate, a wholesale nursery is thoroughly scrutinized and sorted. If it fulfills the registration criteria and minimum quality standards, only then it is given a proper license for operation and is registered with the state government. Anyone violating this law will have to faces severe charges and penalties.

Running a wholesale nursery is also a very successful business which can be done at a local level. You can start with your backyard garden and slowly develop it into a nursery. Once established you can get registered and acquire the license from the state government.