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Orange Daylily

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Orange Daylily - Hemerocallis fulva Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Full Sun Mature Height - 48" Mature Width- 20-24" Bloom Season – Early to Mid Summer (May to July) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Orange Daylily - Hemerocallis Fulva

Some gardeners refer to the Daylily as the perfect perennial; there are many good reasons why gardeners feel this way about the orange daylily. The orange daylily is a stunning flower that features bright green, grass-like leaves and gorgeous orange flowers. The daylily is an appropriate name, because of the flowers open, one at a time, and last for just one day. However, each plant has enough buds so that gardeners are still able to enjoy the bloom for weeks. These are perennials and come back each year. These flowers are easy to grow; they are sturdy. They enjoy full sun and do best when they get six hours of sun per day. They also like well-drained soil but can do well in most soil types; these plants can even withstand drought when they have to. They don't require much care other than being fertilized once per year. These plants have a tendency to spread, and gardeners may want to thin them out once in a while so that they are not overcrowded, the plants that are removed can then be replanted elsewhere in the garden, or shared with a friend or neighbor to add some beautiful color to their garden. These decorative flowers work well in borders, or in a grouping. They add a lot of impacts wherever they are grown. Spring and fall are the best times for planting the Orange day-lily, in the south. Spring is the best time to plant them in the North. However, they are hardy enough to survive if they are planted later in the north. They can withstand the cold winters that the north is known for. They can bloom from late spring, through summer, and into early Autumn. The Orange Daylily should be planted within a few days of receiving them for best results.

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The Orange Daylily is a perennial wildflower that will come back each year. The plant grows in a clump like a manner with the stems holding the blooms in the center. The leaves are long, flowing and bright green color. The flower itself is a vibrant orange color with a yellow center. The bloom has a trumpet shape and will usually have more than one bloom per stem. This plant can grow to a diameter of up to about 32 inches across and will need to be spaced to have room to grow. It is also drought resistant.