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Painted Trillium

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Painted Trillium - Trillium undulatum Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Light Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12" to 18" Mature Width- 6" to 18" Bloom Season – Spring (April to June) Gardener Status- Experienced

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Painted Trillium - Trillium Undulatum

The Painted Trillium is a true masterpiece. It thrives in unique ways that make this vibrant flower stand out. This wildflower is usually spotted with beautiful white petals that cover the whole leaflets. Towards the center where the leaves meet, just right about the center is a magenta ripple that goes across each leaflet. It fades into the white ever so perfectly. The tips of the Painted Trillium has a gentle ruffle. This gorgeous flower has only three petals and is framed by another three green pointy leaves. This enchanting flower is typically found in the northern woods. During the middle of spring, these flowers will bloom all the way until late spring. It is a great flower to have in your garden. The Painted Trillium will be a great addition to your beautiful garden. This plant does not need a lot of maintenance. As long as you keep these beauties hydrated and in the shade, it will be great. Not only will your garden glow, but the Painted Trillium also has many benefits. It repels deer and rabbits. Maybe you are growing food and want to keep them away from what you worked so hard for. This flower can grow as tall as 8 inches to a maximum height of 18 inches. It is known to be about 12 inches wide. Since this plant prefers the shade, the growth rate is slower. To speed up the process, the plant could have some sunlight during the day. Even though the Painted Trillium is eye-catching, eating the plant could contain some poison that could harm you. Eat at your own risk. Taking care of this plant is a little tricky in its way. It is a strict procedure and needs a lot of attention and encouragement. The flower could not grow entirely if neglected, the plant’s soil isn’t acidic enough, or it is getting too much sunlight. This flower has a graceful appearance, and its shine captures many. It is very popular in North American and has been seen in a few Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.

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Painted Trillium is a mid-to-late spring bloomer that presents with a remarkable white flour reaching out from a gorgeous pink center. It is commonly called the Wake-Robin. Shipped as a bare root, it should be planted in the fall in moist to wet acidic, loamy soil. Painted Trillium is deer resistant and makes an unusually strong growing companion to other flowers including pink lady slipper. A persistent grower, it is often found sprouting through a carpet of fallen pine needles.