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Pennsylvania Smartweed

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Botanical Name:
Polygonum Pensylvanicum

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 6-10

Mature Height:
15-25 ft

Mature Width:
40 ft

Growth Per Year:
1-2 ft

Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade

Soil Requirement:

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Pennsylvania Smartweed – Carex Pennsylvanica


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Pennsylvania Smart Weed - Polygonum pennsylvanicum


The Pennsylvania Smart Weed is an annual. It has small pink flowers that are nestled in clusters. Its stalks are green with sticky hairs. The leaves on this plant are elongated and green. This species may grow to a height of five feet. Gardeners who want to attract butterflies and singing birds should plant it. Since it is a member of the buckwheat family, many insects and wildlife choose it for nourishment. Cardinals, horned larks, and sparrows are drawn to it because they like to eat its seeds, which are dark in color. Homeowners with a pond or other body of water on their property can expect to attract ducks too. Mallards love munching on this plant, which thrives in soil that is dark, loamy and moist. In fact, the only soil this species struggles in is dry soil. It grows well in coarse- and fine-textured soils. This plant likes full or partial sun. It is a plant that is easy to maintain because it does well in many soils and requires no fertilization. It grows fastest in the summer. Though it is an annual, there is no need to plant again because it seeds itself again. How simple is that? It blooms anytime between March and October. It is a beautiful addition to a landscape because it is a favorite of a variety of living creatures who need it to survive. People who plant it have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping wildlife. Planters of this species also help insects in the pollination process. Gardeners with young children and grandchildren can let them see and enjoy nature in the privacy of their residences while having discussions about what they are seeing. Start this versatile plant from quality seeds, which are shipped to the gardener. See them germinate in a few weeks.


This plant will thrive in very moist soil conditions. This plant can tolerate drought conditions better than any other smartweed species. This plant can be found in a variety of colors, light pink, white and bright pink. The blooms on this plant attract many insect, wasps, flies, small butterflies, bees, and moths.