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Pennsylvania Sedge

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Botanical Name:
Carex Pennsylvanica


Hardiness Zone:
Zone 5-9

Mature Height:
3-4 ft

Mature Width:
2 -3 ft

Growth Per Year:
3-4 ft

Light Requirement:
full sun to partial shade

Soil Requirement:
moist to normal

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Pennsylvania Sedge – Carex Pennsylvanica


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Pennsylvania sedge also referred to as Penn sedge or yellow sedge is a flowering perennial plant native to North America. It is most commonly found in Canada and the eastern region of the United States, and unlike other sedge categories, grows best in the dry and well-drained soil. Pennsylvania sedge thrives best in the shade, and its roots are reddish brown and display a creeping characteristic. It is often found in areas with a lot of oak trees, and its leaves are soft, arching and delicate. It is a low category of sedge, its semi-evergreen leaves typically do not surpass a width of 1/8" and length of 12", and it grows in clumps of up to 8" tall. The visibly glossy narrow leaves are pale green in spring and summer, and they turn a sandy colored shade of tan in the fall.


The flowers of the Pennsylvania sedge usually bloom in late spring, and they sprout from rough stems that are triangular. Male flowers are green with reddish-purple detail and white margins, while female flowers are dark brown to deep purple with green detail and white margins. Female flowers also contain tiny fruits, which are protected in sac-like enclosures. Pennsylvania sedge does not come with any serious disease concerns, it is insect resistant, and it does not attract deer. People often use it in their garden to provide ground cover for dry shade, and it can also serve as a good substitute for dry soils in shady areas. It is ideal because it requires little maintenance, and it is visually appealing, especially when planted in groups. When using it to cover vast amounts of land, it is best to purchase plants that have already bloomed because Pennsylvania sedge does not grow well from seed.


Pennsylvania sedge is a perennial. This sedge will grow back year after year. This sedge will grow well in moist soil conditions. The growing season for this plant is between the spring and the summer seasons.