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Tall Phlox - Phlox paniculata Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Full Sun to Part Shade Mature Height - 24-48" Mature Width- 24-36" Bloom Season – Summer (July to September) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Phlox Plants

The Many Attributes of Phlox Plants
Phlox - Polemoniaceae

This hardy perennial plant usually grows up to five feet and blooms with large clusters of vibrant flowers in midsummer. Phlox requires very little care for a high payoff in beauty and can last for decades, making it favored among gardeners since settlers in North America first exported Phlox paniculata to Europe in the 17th century. Phlox flowers sport a variety of happy spring colors, from pale pink to deep purple and even bright orange. A cluster of phlox plants in the garden is a sure way to invite hummingbirds and butterflies, who flock to the flowers' abundant nectar in summer.

Some varieties of phlox grow tall, while others—sometimes called "moss phlox"— are more suited for ground cover. The woodland species Creeping phlox, or Phlox subulata, grows close to the ground and reveals a dense mat of lavender-colored flowers in the spring. Just one Creeping phlox plant can cover up to two feet of the ground.

Garden phlox, aptly called "tall phlox" by gardeners, grow upward instead of outward. There are many species of garden phlox, so the gardener has the option to choose plants based on color, fragrance, or pest resistance. Starfire phlox emits a sweet aroma from its deep cherry-red petals in summer but can be susceptible to mildew. Blushing Shortwood phlox is exceptionally resistant to mildew but has much more understated flowers, with a burst of pink or purple decorating the edges of its milky white petals. Mile High Pink phlox often stands over six feet, so it may need additional support to stay upright, but rewards the gardener with an enchanting fragrance and soft pink flowers in late summer and early fall.

Most phlox plants thrive in full or partial sun and moist, well-drained soil with little maintenance. The rich variety of species available makes it suitable for just about any garden, so it’s hard to go wrong with phlox.


Phlox is a lovely choice when it comes to picking a beautiful ground cover. They work great in all garden areas. They work great in gardens and also when added to flower pots or other containers. They grow in moist and well-drained soils. It blooms during the spring and shows the beautiful flowers on into the fall months. The blooms can be lavender, pink and a pale blue. They will cover the plants when in bloom and adds a nice pop of color.