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Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-9

Mature Height:
6-12 ft

Mature Width:
12-15 ft

Growth Per Year:
25+ inches

Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade

Soil Requirement:

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Pickerelweed - Pontederia


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The Many Attributes Of Pickerelweed Plants

The Pickerelweed plant loves to grow in quiet waters along the water's edge where it helps to stabilize the ground. It can also be planted in mud as long as the dirt stays wet throughout the growing season. The beautiful Pickerelweed plant often grows up to three feet tall, although it can stop growing at one foot.

This plant that is a favorite of bees and butterflies produces one three to the six-inch-long stem of flowers that is sheltered by a single leaf. The soft blue flowers covered with a hairlike substance usually appear in June, and they may last until October. Each flower is only about 0.25 inches tall, although there can be up to 100 flowers on the single stem. The stem grows out of this plant's long-running rhizomes and coarse fibrous roots. Each tubular flower lasts only one day, but this plant blooms many times during the summer and autumn. The flowering heads often reach up to two feet above the water's surface.

This plant also has arrowhead-shaped shiny-green leaves further down on the stem that can be up to 10 inches long and five inches wide. After the flowers fade, this plant produces black ridged seeds that are a favorite of dragonflies. Additionally, ducks can often be seen feasting on the seeds that are about 0.25 inches long. Many florists choose to cut this plant to use in natural flower displays.

Pickerelweed plants love the sun, although it will tolerate some shade. This plant reproduces asexually by branching rhizomes, so it often spreads to form clumps. Patches up to four feet in diameter are not unusual from a single plant. If you do not want the plant to cover, then plant it in pots in about one foot of water. Once the plant begins to deteriorate, fish love to feed on its leaves and flowers.


Pickerelweed is classified as a perennial plant and will come back year after year. The blooms of this plant will grow in a spike shape and will be a violet-blue color. The flowers on the Pickerelweed do not last very long at all, only for about one day. Bees and butterflies are very attracted to this plant. These plants will bloom from June into November. The Pickerelweed will grow well in freshwater areas.