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Pin Oak Tree

Pin Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus palustris Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width-35-40 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun
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Pin Oak – Quercus palustris

Pin Oak is to be considered a medium-sized tree. It contains dangling catkins from the tree during its flowering season, and acorns that take two seasons to develop. During the fall, the leaves turn to a bronze and red color, in which is typical to see during the season on the east coast of the United States. During the winter, it is usual to see juvenile Pin Oaks under 20 retain their leaves, even though they die roughly around Fall. They remain until spring until the new leaves grow and push them off the branches. This tree, however, thrives best in wet, acidic soil, and is best planted in wetland regions of the United States. These trees are excellent for uses in landscaping, due to its easy transplant, fast growth rate, and its tolerance to pollution. It is perfect for landscaping with use along with other trees and provides excellent shade during the summer. It is ideal for uses in front and back yards to offer cooler environments for anything beneath them. They are also optimal environments for wildlife such as squirrels, birds, and other small animals due to the vast number of branches for nesting, and many numbers of leaves to protect from the elements. As mentioned during Fall, the leaves turn a beautiful bronze color and provide beauty to any environment to which they are. It is also worth to mention that for these trees to be pollinated, other Pin Oaks (or Oak trees) should be around so that the tree may be pollinated for it flourish.