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Pine Straw Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

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Pine Straw Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

This mulch is made from pine needles that have fallen off and become dried out.  It is a very light mulch to maneuver and handle and works great for homeowners and landscapers.  This mulch provides a beautiful look when it is added to flower gardens and also placed around large trees and shrubs.  It also provides an elegant look when added to a home for landscaping ideas. This mulch helps a lot of bushes and plants grow to become beautiful such as azaleas, hostas, ferns, rhododendrons, and geraniums to name a few of them.  This mulch helps keep moisture around the roots, so the plants do not dry out in the hot months.  It is available for purchase in five-gallon bags from this tremendous online nursery and is ready to use when received by the customer.  This mulch is very light in weight to work with and needs to be applied, so it is two to three inches deep in gardens and other areas.