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Pine Trees

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Pine Trees

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The Stately Pine Tree


Pine Trees- Pinus
From the Pinaceae family, this conifer tree is a well-known and familiar tree grown in multiple climates. Although native to the Northern Hemisphere, Pine trees can be grown in most areas and can be a beautiful addition to most larger yards. Many varieties of Pines grow to be large, from 50–150 ft, although smaller varieties can be grown in smaller areas and yards. Evergreen trees grow at different rates depending on the species. Slower growing varieties, such as the Virginia pine, will grow only about 1 foot a year, while fast-growing varieties, such as the Afghan Pine, can grow more than 2 feet in a year. Easy to grow and requiring little maintenance, these trees can provide shade and privacy for your yard. They need little pruning, and some varieties are drought resistant, making them great for dryer environments. Using a fertilizer developed from these trees can be beneficial, helping them to be stronger against the elements. Evergreens can be planted as seedlings or as larger transplanted plants. These Evergreens typically live from 100 to 1000 years. The needles from these trees do fall frequently, and it is essential to rake them if interested in maintaining grass under these trees. Pine Trees grow best in well fertilized, well-drained soil in a spot that has access to the sun. The branches and cones can be used for decorative and craft purposes, especially during holiday seasons. Known for their distinct smell, these trees can add a special touch to the holiday season. Planting these trees in your backyard can provide shade, privacy, and shelter from the elements, creating an enjoyable environment for you and your family, while also providing housing for wildlife, including squirrels and birds, depending on your situation. These beautiful, stately trees are a great addition to your yard! Pine trees are a popular evergreen with most bearing cones and needle-like leaves. Pines grow well in a variety of soils and can tolerate drought as well as saline conditions. Pine trees add a pop of color year-round. There are several varieties available including yellow, ponderosa, white, loblolly, Virginia, and spruce. Pines are an excellent choice for those who wish to attract a variety of wildlife. The pine warbler is a beautiful yellow songbird which nests primarily in high pine branches.