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Pink Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Lagerstroemia Indica Hardy Planting Zone-6-9 Mature Height- 15-25 Width- 10-20 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun

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Pink Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia Indica

 Pink Crepe Myrtle is a beautiful tree favorite in the south, but you don't need to be a southerner to swoon over this awing specimen. The towering tree can grow very tall, over 100 feet in some cases, as well as wide with colorful, delicate flowers reminiscent of crepe paper, for which they are aptly nicknamed. The favorite flowers have little yellow seedheads making them even more adorable up close. The tree can quickly grow more than a foot per year, sometimes several. Pink Crepe Myrtle is a deciduous tree that begins blooming in Summer, with an average of a hundred days of flowering through Autumn. It thrives well in hot and warm weather and requires little attention aside from admiration and perhaps a thirst-quenching watering once in a while, though it is resistant to drought. Beneath the Pink Crepe Myrtle is the perfect place to plant yourself, relax, and read a book or have a lovely picnic on a sunny afternoon. Upon shedding the generally hardy albeit lacy blossoms, the wind carefully carries the little flowers to the ground where they offer further decoration for the yard. The root system extends multiple times as wide as its above-ground tree, but the roots are usually not problematic or greedy underground, unlikely to disrupt or be a concern for nearby plants, pavement, or house structure like some other trees may be. The Pink Crepe Myrtle is as innocent and sweet as trees can come. Pink Crepe Myrtle trees do not require pruning to grow well, though, for the adventurous and extra romantic at heart they would look wonderful pruned into a giant heart shape, even without the way, they give off an aura of love. The Pink Crepe Myrtle tree will make your heart sing all year long with its precious pink petal flowers and lovely green leaves turning more red closer to Winter.

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The Pink Crape Myrtle is a drought-tolerant, flowering, deciduous tree that provides a long-lasting pop of color from early summer through fall. Its pink flowers are the focal point of this widely soil adaptable tree.

A sun-loving species, the Pink Crape Myrtle proliferates and requires little care. In winter, when blooms have faded, its bright summer colors give way to an exciting pallet of neutral hues with the exposure of small brown fruits and an attractive self-exfoliating bark.