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Pink Dogwood

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Pink Dogwood Tree

Pink Dogwood Tree (Cornus florida f. Rubra) commonly known as one of the fastest growing ornamental trees will reach a mature height of 15 to 25 feet in zones 5 through 8 in an acid, fertile, clay or loamy soil the only thing to be aware of it that whichever earth that it is kept moist but well drained in a sunny location.

Pink Dogwood Trees the carefree tree:
Dogwood trees have long been a favorite for landscapers because of the carefree maintenance these beautiful flowering trees can require. Unlike fruit trees, the dogwood blossoms do not require messy clean up as they float to the ground. Adding the Pink Dogwood to your yard will bring not only the delicate pink blooms but a mixture of wildlife will flock to this great addition to their food. Songbirds will fill the branches to enjoy the red fruit that will ripen fully in the fall and winter. As this member of the dogwood is hugely adaptable, it makes the perfect tree for any novice to begin their landscaping needs. Stress over proper soil mixtures or situations will be removed from the gardener's thoughts as they plant this pink version of the excellent Dogwood tree.

Pink Dogwood Trees the year-round showpiece:
Spring and summer will have the lawn filled with the color of the blooms making a glorious centerpiece to any garden or along the driveway for elegance. While the blossoms of this tree open with a pink influx of color in the spring to brighten up your yard this graceful tree will provide year-round glory to any lawn and garden.

Pink Dogwood Trees make lawn placement a breeze:
Of all the ornamental trees available for planting this one tree should be your go-to tree for a beautiful lawn its durability allows it to grow in the majority of areas and the ease of growing allows even the busiest of people to have beauty with all the fuss. The mature height provides diversity in planting areas as the 25 feet height can be near utility lines with less worry.

Pink Dogwood Trees for the diversity of color in your landscape setting: Center this spring blooming color burst adding eye appeal to the different green of your lawn and let the songbirds fill your ears with chirps of delight. Then enjoy the checkered gray bark against the ordinarily drab winter scene.