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Pink Trillium

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Pink Trillium Trillium Hardy Planting Zones - 4-9 Sun or Shade - Part sun, shade Mature Height - Under 6" to over 3' Mature Width - 4-12" Bloom Season - Spring Gardener Status - Beginner

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Pink Trillium - Trillium grandiflorum

The Pink Trillium Perennials are beautiful, large pink flowers with three flower petals attached to three sepals with three leaves and a long, slim stem. A fun fact is; this is how Trillium got its name. The hardy planting zones are zones three through nine. They are easy to grow in gardens or used in landscaping and like partial to full shade and fertile, organic soil. These plants would look elegant in a garden with other perennials or other colors of Trilliums. Since it is an early spring flower, the blossoms will give joy to many to know that spring has arrived. They grow twelve to eighteen inches tall and six inches wide, so to give some dimension in a garden, taller perennials could be planted with the Pink Trilliums. They bloom from early spring through the beginning of June, so to enjoy the garden all summer long, the landscaping needs other plants that thrive at various times. Some advantages are: they can be planted in small spaces as a filler with other plants; if they are planted where there is a numerous deer population, they won't be bothered by the deer; and if potted plants are preferred, they can be planted in pots to put on a porch or by a sidewalk. Just make sure the soil is kept moist. In the fall, they can be sub-divided and planted in other places or shared with others. Another place Pink Trillium Perennial wildflowers can be found is in the Eastern United States in some wooded regions and the Pacific Northwest mountains. This may be the reason the plants also have the name of Wood Lily. It is a favorite wildflower for many, and people who love to take walks through the woods in the spring will be able to enjoy the beauty of the blossoming plants. Along with these many attributes, they will be appreciated year after year.

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Pink Trillium is an adorable and favorite low-lying plant that presents in the spring with an odorless, light pink flower. This three pedaled three oval leaves surround flower. A single Pink Trillium rootstock, if allowed to spread naturally, will eventually form colonies of the plant. A beautiful, durable, and easy to grow in addition to your landscape.