Planting a bulb

5th Dec 2012

Planting bulbs can almost guarantee that you will have a wonderful flower garden year after year.  You will need to pick which bulbs you would like to plant and find out exactly what time of year it is best to plant them.  Daffodils and Snowdrops should be planted in late summer and early fall.  If you are planting late blooming tulips you can plant these bulbs during summer and also through November.  If it is going to be awhile before you plant your bulbs you need to remove them from their bags where they will stay dry and will not mildew and mold.  Bulbs also need to be kept at temperatures above 40 degrees and should not have a chance to freeze.  You need to make sure that your flower gardens have the right soil conditions so that your bulb will grow good.  You do not want to plant your bulbs where the soil is always moist and wet.  This will cause the bulbs to rot.  It is also a very good idea to mix the soil where you are planting the bulbs with chopped up leaves or peat moss.  This will fertilize the soil and help the bulb grow.  If you put mulch in your flower garden after you plant your bulbs you will need to watch them in early spring.  Once you see the tips of your bulbs starting to grow push the mulch out from around them.  If you leave mulch around them it will slow them down from growing.  You will need to read the instructions on your package of bulbs to make sure that you plant them correctly.