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Polytrichium Moss

Polytrichium Moss

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Polytrichium moss (Haircap Moss or Hair Moss)

Polytrichium moss is also known as Haircap moss or Hair moss. This type of moss gets its name from the fine hair like calyptras found on the young sporophytes. The moss has narrow, toothed, and erect leaf margins. When you look down on Polytrichium moss it has a star-shaped appearance because of the spirally arranged pointed leaves that site at right angles around the stem. It is usually dark green in color and grows relatively flat to the ground. This type of moss can live for approximately three to five years. The plant can grow to form a lush green carpet across the ground. There are many separate species of this vegetation spread throughout the North American contentment. Polytrichium moss is an evergreen plant that grows to about a foot or shorter in height. The plant is unbranched, light green, red, and yellowish brown. This plant grows in slightly shaded areas in moist soil. It serves as a land cover in landscaping and gardens. Some people use this moss to make a tea that is known to help with the dissolving of kidney and gallbladder stones. Some women use this same tea to help strengthen their hair. This plant prefers full sun to partially sunny environments with moist soil. This moss is found in bogs and swamp sites. It is used as ground cover in landscaping. Moss is a main component in peat which is used in making fuels, a soil additive in gardens, and in smoking malt used in the production of Scotch whiskey. In some areas of the world it is used in the fabric of clothing to help make it more insulated. Some other uses include the making of brushes, brooms, and even a filling for pillows and mattresses. As you can see this plant is not just for gardens and landscaping it also has other interesting uses as well.

This moss is also known as Hair Cap Moss. When this one grows, it looks fantastic as it supplies a lot of vibrant green color and resembles hair as it matures. It can cover an area around twelve inches wide, so it works great as a beautiful groundcover. It also grows to be several inches tall and thrives when planted in moist but well-drained soil locations. It does great in full shade and even areas that receive very little sunlight. It is lovely for climate zones three through nine.