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Possomhaw Holly Shrub

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The Possomhaw Holly Shrub - Ilex Verticillata

The Possomhaw Holly Shrub, Latin name is Ilex Verticillata, is a deciduous shrub in the Aquifoliaceae family. As Missouri native, it grows mostly on limestone glades, bluffs, streams, valleys, and swamps. The large shrub grows upright and spreads in a rounded shape, at a surprisingly large height of between seven and fifteen feet. The Possumhaw Holly has dark glossy green leaves and grows bright red berries. The berries begin to bloom in mid-September and continue throughout the winter providing food to several small rodents, deer, and birds in the harsh winter months.
The Possumhaw Holly is low maintenance as it grows in medium moisture soil and can grow in full sun or partly shaded areas. It contains a unique feature in that it can fully adapt to both light and heavy soils, though it prefers slightly moist acidic soil. Both the male and female plants are easily distinguishable as they both grow dull white flowers, but the female is the only one decorated with red berries.
Possumhaw Holly is unique from all other hollies. Its Latin name is derived from Quercus Ilex for holm oak about the similarities in their foliages. This Latin name points out its main difference from other holly shrubs; the Possumhaw Holly is uniquely deciduous, unlike other hollies which are evergreen. This makes the Possumhaw that much more unique and beautiful.
Since this holly shrub does not contain any serious diseases or insect infestations and only has mild leaf spots and mildew issues, it is one of the most native bushes to have in a garden. It is useful as it can grow beautifully in large groups or single hedges. As a native to Missouri, it can be grown in somewhat wet soil conditions and is adaptable to most any environment. The fact that the shrub blooms throughout the winter make it a beautiful statement as a pop of color amid winter landscapes.
The Possumhaw Holly is a beautiful shrubbery to have in any garden. It is low maintenance, yet adds layers of color to the landscape. It is a must in any garden!